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Pierre HüttnerPierre Hüttner

Pierre HüttnerMETZLER VATER DIGITALMünchen +49 89 8563340-0 p.huettner@metzler-vater.comwww.metzler-vater-digital.comBalanstraße 69b 81541 München originally has a background in imaging and represents the digital expertise of the Group. He combines conception, campaign mechanics and technical feasibility - for all areas of the group. His credo: "Tomorrow, today will be yesterday."

How we work

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Marketing is no longer about knowing certain industries very well, but about knowing how and where digital communication works today.

Thanks to our own programmed systems, we know user paths very well and therefore know which channels, platforms and mechanics are particularly suitable for reaching and inspiring a wide variety of people - creatively, attractively and dynamically.

Only those who know the technical possibilities of connecting people can successfully build campaigns, systems and services on them.

Learning CRM systems are just as important as people who are at home in both worlds. Individual, flexible and completely user-oriented - this is how we think and act and this is exactly how our interdisciplinary team is composed.

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An outdated slogan? On the contrary: User journeys are becoming more and more complex; the context of use is constantly changing and mixed reality has long since arrived.

We reduce complexity to the essentials and use simple solutions to direct perception from the outset to content - and nothing else. Because the user is King.


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We are digital

Der digitale Stream bringt Menschen heute alles. Zu jeder Zeit. Ständig neu. Immer und überall. Auf unzähligen Wegen. Längst geht es deshalb nicht mehr darum, wie Marken eine Zielgruppe erreichen. Sondern wo sie die Menschen treffen, für die sie relevant sind.

METZLER VATER CAMPAIGNS ist eine Agentur für digitale Kommunikation und Interaktion. Das heißt: Wir verbinden diese Herausforderung mit technischen Lösungen:

Wir finden smarte Wege, wie Marken und Menschen miteinander reden können. Wir aktivieren digitale Kampagnen, entwickeln flexible Plattformen, personalisierte Dienste und Inhalte, die so nützlich sind, dass Menschen sie gerne mit anderen teilen.

Und genau das macht relevant.